Our four core areas are distribution and processing of FMCG products in GCC region.

RETAIL Retail Inner

This business unit of ours caters to the retail market including duty free shops, modern trade and traditional markets, grocery shops and petrol stations.


Food service (1)

This business unit of Food Emporium primarily works with premium hotels and airline catering companies. Our customers include some of the world renowned five star and four star hotels for whom we supply frozen products chilled products dry products and so on. In total, our services reach more than 550 hotels across the region.

We also cater to elite restaurants. Most of them offering international cuisines including Italian, Spanish and French cuisines and belonging to branded business groups. We are equally good at servicing airline catering companies.


industrial inner

We are dedicated to support the complex needs of large scale manufacturers and are one of the leading suppliers of raw materials like butter, flour, cheese and much more. Exceptional quality of products and efficiently orchestrated logistics are the two pillars of the success of this unit.

All our products adhere to high quality and safety standards. We carefully monitor and scrutinize all our products through stringent quality enforcement processes. We are committed to improving our customer service continuously.

The efficiency of our deliveries is also one of our most important competitiveness factor. All our delivery vehicles are operated via GPS tracking and connected to the centrally managed warehouses running on cutting edge cloud enabled technology.



Food Emporium serves its customers in the domains of ship chandling and exports through this business division. We aim to continuously provide high standard products supplied at cost-effective prices, fastest delivery, friendliest but professional and efficient services. Irrespective of the business nature and size, we offer the perfect set of products and services to business units.